Rebar Modeling and Detailing

with the industry-leading experts in the rebar industry under one roof. TKP helps construction owners, contractors, and designers to process the drawings from the design to the construction phase.

With the quality standards and process, professionals can able to produce quality drawings for on-site rebar placement.

QC team helps the detailers fix the mistakes in the drawings before the submission process for consultant approval. This will reduce the construction cost and be within the budget with comprehensive fabrication details and field reinforcement placement drawings.

Rebar Detailing

TKP offers 2D and 3D Modelling with the best in the industry standards. With the coordination of MEP, sleeving drawings. Our drawings will make the on-site coordination better for the trades of construction.

With the accuracy in the rebar shop drawings, to save reinforcement and construction within the budget.

Rebar Estimation

TKP works for contractors/fabricators to provide accurate bar-to-bar take-off to get the bids awarded by accurate quotes.  

expert team makes analysis of the design changes, addendum for ongoing projects and submit support documents for the change in the project value.